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Norys Liriano

Receptionist/Scheduling Coordinator

Quote about dentistry: "Better teeth=better health. My dentist is my superhero"

My Mission: To look for solutions for my patients and help solve their dental problems and reach their smile goals. I want to help my community realize the importance and necessity of good oral health. We want our office to be a part of your family.

Education and Professional background:
Office receptionist/manager Las Americas Dental Health- 19 years
Secretary- Remi International- 5 years in home country of Dominican Republic
High School education- 1981-1984

Life and Hobbies: I love to cook, read books, take walks and watch tv and dance! I have two brothers and one sister. Friends and family would describe me as adaptable, courageous, efficient, generous, strong and kind.

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3165 Mt Pleasant Street NW
Washington, DC, 20010